April 22, 2017

Learning Log is Live!

So, I finally got the learning log up and running! It’s built using a Jekyll-based theme and hosted on Github Pages. I already had my domain redirecting to my Github Pages, therefore I simply had to append this project’s baseurl to all my static links here to get things working.

I did hit some snag with the theme I found though, delaying me considerably. The theme seems to be quite old and one of the dependencies was having issues on Windows. I spent a lot of time uninstalling and reinstalling the dependency but I was not familiar with Ruby and most of the solutions provided were for linux.

Finally, I ended up booting into my Elementary (thank God for dual boot XD) and installed the theme there before migrating to Windows. The downside is that I couldn’t test it locally whilst modifying the template and had to push to Github and test it live. Now, I’m seriously thinking if I should somehow decouple all my source codes to make it easy to switch workspaces and eventually phase out my development to a linux box…

Nonetheless, the site is up and I should start posting my logs from tomorrow.
Ganbatte ore!!

Penned at 05.20 a.m. 22/04/2017